My passion & obsession

Hey, guys! My name is Kate!! I'm an obsessive girl & my obsessions are numerous.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Angel the Series.
The X-Files.
Doctor Who (The Ponds Era especially).
Teen Wolf.
Veronica Mars.
Lost Girl.
Resident Evil films.
Star Wars.
Harry Potter.
Cruel Intentions.
Repo The Genetic Opera.
The Mummy Dilogy.
{Friday the 13th (all).
Nightmare on Elm Street 1,3,4,5,7
Freddy vs. Jason}

And many, many... many others)) Give me everything you've got to share!!

Pitch Perfect still owns my heart and 2/3 of my brain (rewatching & ficing it endlessly)))!!

Doctor Who & The Ponds suddenly crashed in the lonely 1/3 part)))

I'm 25, in case someone was wondering))
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Emma Swan + focusing on Regina’s hands

God's Kite by (皮叔)

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Fringe 101: Pilot

So much happened here. And so much is about to.

Oh, how right you were!!!!

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make me choose → asked by corahales
↳ cora hale or malia tate?

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Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.

You mean awesome lightning tattoos

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So guys… I’ve been studying film for a while now. I’ve taken more than enough classes and shot for films myself KNOWING that camera angles and pans always REVEAL information. Now here..


When Emma says, “I’m tired of living in the past” and Hook says I know how you feel… we come back to Emma and the camera pans sideways to reveal her family (Snow, Charming, Henry AND REGINA) in her background as Hook walks AWAY.

It wouldn’t have been significant if the shot was just a close up of Emma’s face when we see her again after Hook says his line, but the shot started like this ..


And ended like this..


It clearly follows her eyeline looking and watching him leave but INCLUDES her future happiness. She’s “tired of living in the past”.

I’m just saying it was intentional camera movement..


Wayland Wood :: (Lee A.)


Is about time :) 


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Emma & Regina - S03E18 “Bleeding Through”

Will be watching this today….got spoiled that there’s gonna be little of Emma (( *not talking bout the abomination that is OQ*


Regina `omg I’m so in love why do you have to be so perfect Emma I wanna punch you with my mouth please marry me’ Mills

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make me choose → morrisonsparrilla/killianhjones asked belle or ruby ?