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Lydia has one of the more interesting storylines this year, and it starts kicking off now. With Lydia, I mean this year we wanted to - On this show Lydia has kinda been on the outside in the first couple seasons. It’s always like Will Lydia help us? And now Lydia is a part of the team. I think part of her arc was sort of inspired by what happened last season - Allison basically died trying to save her. She told Aiden to be a better guy and he died doing that. And now Lydia is sort of on her heroic arc. And I think part of that is sort of figuring out some secrets about her past, her family history. We also wanted to make it just horrible. […] Using Allison and Aiden’s name in this episode. We really wanted to make it a hard journey for her.
Teen Wolf writer Ian Stokes discussing Lydia’s arc this season on AfterBuzz TV (x)

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But we’re going to have a new code

Say it, Christopher. For your daughter, Allison

For his daughter, Allison, Chris grits his teeth and says what he needs to say. Not only to appease the couple of dangerous hunters who just showed up threateningly in his town/place, but also because he means it as he says “those who _hunt_ us”. Right now in Beacon Hills, wolves and more other supes don’t hunt Argents. Right now in Beacon Hills, Benefactor-enabled assassins and Calaveras hunters are a much larger threat to Chris‘“us”. He’s not changing his mind, he’s changing the meaning of these tired, tired words. His jaw is tight with anger—closely held back rage, actually—for all the people threatening Scott McCall and Lydia Martin and Derek Hale, who happen to be _his_ now, the closest thing he has to a chosen family, Allison’s people.

This is exactly how the scene “read” to me, too.

Yes! 100000% yes to all these thoughts!

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#in which Bruce Banner finally finds somebody who isn’t afraid to kid around with him #because he has a sense of humour after all #’i’m sorry, that was mean’ anyone? #but everybody tiptoes around him because ‘oh shit, he’s a monster’ #but then he meets Tony #someone who’s not afraid to be around him #someone who might actually be a friend #and that means so much to him and permeates so deep that even when he’s the fucking Hulk he still wants to save Tony’s ass #because by not treating the Hulk like a monster, Tony stopped him from being one


#because by not treating the Hulk like a monster, Tony stopped him from being one

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